The design of the Lion Gate Project creates an urban spine as main generator, an organism which will structure Dubai new and reactivate the link between Dubai historical old town and the future projects – communication between Bur Dubai to Deira, or vice versa.

Dubais new Spine will start from the Burj Dubai – 310 Sheikh Zayed Road, over the trade center road, which will lead into the Lions Gate onto the 103 Omar bin Al Khattab Road. The Lion Gate refers to symbolic bridges, like Golden Gate Bridge, Tower Bridge, Pointe Vecchio or the Rialto Bridge in Vennice; each of different size, but rich in traditional meaning for each town – the urban environment is part of them and they add cultural value and symbolic power to the cities.

ON the crosssection between the Creek and the urban spine is a concept space, which will inhabit according to the Du(b)ailities – micro ethnic localities a “Point of Exchange”; indoor / outdoor lounge, recording studios, broadcasting studios, etc. . The Interactive wall / billboard structures into two membranes which are overstretching the carriageway of the bridge; it creates for travellers and commuters a daily update of news and life in Dubai itself.

The transient inhabitant of Dubai feels not foreign anymore, they are part and will set the seeds for the new culture of Dubai.