inted Aedicules

Book 03 – Printed Aedicules

The Printed Aedicules project developed a new mode of architectural expression for a library in Tivoli, Italy. The library was proposed for the Museum of Manuscripts located at the Villa d’Este.

The project sought to explore new spatial constructs within the confines of a book developing architectural space on and through the page. The books explored the process and spatial representation of manuscripts and book printing to blur the spaces imagined through reading and the physical spaces developed through construction.

The project was inspired by illustrative representation of architecture that separate narratives such as in medieval manuscripts. The Printed Aedicules books attempted to three-dimensionalise these spaces and lift them off the page. While it is recognised that manuscripts are not printed it were the spatial characteristics of manuscripts that were of interest. The term ‘printed’ was used more to describe the process of the making. Printing was used at each stage along the process – to print the original thesis, printing the pages to form the final book and lastly, through new processes, printing three-dimensional models of parts of the library using SLS.

All three books, the Altas, Tivoli Book and the Printed Aedicules Project were completed at the Bartlett, UCL. Dr. Marjan Colletti and Dr. Marcos Cruz, 2009.