chriumph fashion pavilion 3rd prize

A multidisciplinary design team led by Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui and Justin C.K Lau has been awarded the 3rd Prize Winner of an International architectural design competition organized by Archriumph to design a fashion pavilion in Rome.

Team members:

Amy Wong, Sarish Younis, Paul Boldeanu, Sophie Manner, Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui, Justin C.K.Lau

The radical concept is a ‘floating’ pavilion hovering above the centre of the Collosseum stage, suspended in mid air by a series of weaved tensile/steel structures. Visually stunning and beautifully lit, the pavilion would provide a floating platform for performances, as well as some internal spaces for functions. The pavilion also acts as a circulation hub, with a network of circulation ramps as arteries through the forrest of weaved structures. The three dimensional weave would connect the floating pavilion to various access points from the historical spectators seating platforms, as well as a suspended mid air catwalk run way ramp that would be used by a series of fashion shows by individual designers on different evenings. The pavilion itself would host temporary fashion exhibitions, and social events

The team has collaborated with a textile designer to create stitched versions of spirographs which are straight lines rather than the curved lines of most spirographs, drawing inspiration from the long historical and cultural Italian arts in patterns, sculptures, textiles and contemporary fashion. The pattern design reflects the past, present and future cultural values of Italian Roman textiles, but also to allow for contemporary interpretations. The architectural has interpreted the textile patterns into architectural applications as innovative structures to suspend a floating pavilion in the centre of the Collesseum, providing functions for the largest fashion/textiles related events that might be hosted inside the Collesseum.