Horhizon – Design Research Network

Horhizon is a London based digital architecture design research network with cultural links to continental Europe, Canada and China. It is actively engaged in exchanging international design innovations and developments. Established in 2008, Horhizon’s mission is to challenge the contemporary digital design culture in direct relationships with industry, commercial architectural practice, and studio-based teaching in academic institutions such as the Architectural Association, Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, Oxford Brookes, Royal College of Art, Innsbruck, DMU Leicester and Carleton University, Ottawa.  

Active members

It has a small group of core members comprise of architects, educators, writers, and artists, actively conducting specialised design research through academic activities, competitions, exhibitions, publications, installation arts, and films. These outputs are in collaboration with a larger research network of specialists from other fields in arts and sciences, creating a unique transdisciplinary platform. Members teach predominately at academic institutions in the UK, Austria and Canada, but also have extensive connections Paris and Germany. Over the coming years Horhizon is hoping targeting to expand to the United States, and have stronger connections to Hong Kong and Mainland China. Horhizon members have exhibited extensively at the Venice Biennale, Victoria & Albert Museum, Museum of Art and Design in New York, Royal Academy of Arts Summer Show and in numerous private galleries in London and continental Europe.  

Design Research Ethos

Horhizon takes inspiration from rhizome, which is an organic rooting network that expands towards the horizon. Originally formed to maintain a fluid dynamic dialogue among members with shared digital design interests in architecture, the network has consolidated to establish a field of work methodologies in cross-disciplinary design research experiments to explore architectural production in the complex social, economical and political urban environments. Horhizon promotes multiplicity and non-linear creativity. We are an ecology of research interests and practice that work to form a repository for ideas related to making and testing architecture through exploration. This lack of an over-arching agenda is not seen as an adverse condition as it gives individual members the capacity to diverge, to ‘tread the path less travelled’ finding the poetic and revealing the unique uncharted territories beyond the normative plane of architectural discourse. We seek inspiration from multiple sources, but our work preferences a number of critical fields. Including those of a poetic and narrative based architecture, ones that seek to develop a specific design language that expresses contemporary design culture, pushing the boundaries of digital design, and extracting the craft and new modes of fabrication as a digitally formed techne & poesis. We plant a flag for Architecture, to find its hidden boundaries and uncover its innermost recesses. This discourse will not be a fluid one, it will meander and pool through space and form but ultimately we aim to come together, look at the ecology that been nurtured and connect the disparate points – this is what we feel an academic network should be, an inclusive community one that promotes expression and revels in multiple layers of understanding.


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