chitecture – To Protect and To Serve

The Image “Architecture – To Protect and To Serve, by Dietmar Koering” has been selected at the Sydney Festival of Architecture, “Advertisement for Architecure 2010″ organized by OPEN haus. Opening Night: 6:00 pm – 8:00pm; Thursday 21. October 2010 /// Surry Hills Library, 405 Crown Street, Surry Hills, New South Wales

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Architecture serves as second skin, which protects us for environmental conditions. Sometimes it even scares us, if the proportion of the architectural form is out of scale related to the human body. The picture itself raises the question, why mankind gets frightened by looking at soldiers, who are in a protection skin against biological weapons – the defending us, funny enough, against problems created by mankind.

For them this combat suit is not the only layer of architecture; there are several layers of architecture. The architecture of the suit, the architecture of the dugout, the environmental architecture with a clear horizon and over all the architecture of the big unknown and the communication of the observer in front of the picture – the picture itself becomes an object and therefore architecture.

The whole situation is surreal, while we could imagine that in the picture Max Ernst and Dali are being confronted with a mirror.