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Book 01 – The Paper Trail Atlas

The project examined the typology of the library for the Didactic Museum of Ancient Manuscripts in Tivoli, Italy. Rather than exploring the configuration of conventional spaces the project sought to explore the library through the scale of a book, the book becoming an expression physical and imagined spaces.

The Paper Trail Atlas was an attempt at making physical what would conventionally be drawn on the page. This ‘drawing’ indicating the route by which paper travelled from central China in 100 B.C. towards Europe, reaching southern Spain via North Africa in approx. 1056 A.D. and Fabriano / Tivoli 220 years later.

It was the diagram as built-form, using the paper trail as formal exploration, the model rising from the page to denote hierarchical importance such as were to trail cuts through the page as indicated in the image to the right to carve through the world map to reveal Tivoli and Rome in the pages below