Sketch Exhibition

Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui’s digital sketches have been selected to be included in the d3 Sketch Exhibition, sponsored by the Universidad de Monterrey in collaboration with d3 New York.

Sketching is a fundamental and time-tested tool of design communication, an intuitive practice that conveys ideas and assumptions rapidly and directly. More recently, the conventional act of sketching has been profoundly transformed by a proliferation of diverse methodologies and emerging digital technologies. While the perception and notion of what constitutes a sketch continues to expand, many designers are reconsidering and expanding upon the historical role of sketching. This emerging dialogue reveals unparalleled synergies between 21st century innovation and classical tradition.

Sponsored by the Universidad de Monterrey in association with New York-based curators d3, Sketch, the opening exhibition for Tadao Ando’s lecture to be held at the Universidad de Monterrey in March 2011, seeks to investigate this discourse by embracing the full range and potential of sketching in conceptual design. Sketch will revisit the use of classical approaches, while engaging with the new technologies that have expanded the opportunities of sketching as a conceptual generator. The exhibition offers a forum to reflect upon the transformative forces impacting sketching in design.