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Adaptability is an ancestral distinction of intelligence, but today’s instant variations in rhythm call for something stronger: adaptability of nature! In nature material is used with optimum efficiency. Cells continually adapt to precisely fulfil their function. Through researching organic forms and their production methods the intelligence of the material itself should support the design language, the lightness and stiffness. Fibrous systems and computation could be the answer for this new task. A Fibrous system in biology means inspiration! Like in the evolution through phenotypes, the production is based on a clear code; where the evolution part and the random variation is bounded to the specific landscape and site.

Architectural form and its relationship to nature, environment and society has rich antecedents

to the human body. The two entrances are generating a float of visitors, it becomes a spatial structure, where nature is the most critical part… all is one, through the water and earth up to the sky, one floating language not divided by any doors or windows, an open system. The human body becomes part of the architecture, it is not the form or shape anymore; the roots, this rhizometric structure is the design idea for this organic sculpture. It generates an artificial mangrove where everything comes together, earth, water, sky and the human being, stranded like an organism on Venice borders, not mortal… alive like a nightingale, which leaves the blood in the morning on concealed steel.