gital Dreamland – a workshop at Brighton University by .horhizon


Digital Dreamland is a theoretical experimentation to explore the digital poetics in a filmic space. Students will be asked to examine various snapshots from selected popular films, and insert their own imaginary intervention into the scene to manipulate, speculate, annex, intensify, elucidate, decipher, depict, and to design.

Popular film industry over the past century has been a theoretical and philosophical discipline that has developed side by side with architecture. The experimentation in recording/re-creating/visualizing has tickled the discourse of architecture as a major impact. The wide range of cinematic palette is perhaps driven by the society’s curiosity to learn from the past, to fantasize, to find origins of beliefs, and to understand the development of human cultures/ behaviors/ ecology but more importantly, to entertain. Its creative nature has helped to uncover the architect’s true calling… But can the design of a filmic space also become a methodology for proposing a possible future? After all, the buildings we design today could become the remains or fragments that were once imaginary and could now fascinate future generations.

School of Architecture / Brighton University