rhizon Workshops exhibited at nous gallery / London Festival of Architecture

‘Spontaneous Schooling’ is an exhibition and publication to focus on the role of workshops in architectural teaching.   The event will open in Shoreditch on June 18 as part of the London Festival of Architecture.

Horhizon workshops will be part of both the Spontaneous Schooling exhibition and publication:

a) “The Poetics of Fluid Dynamic”, Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture, Paris

4th to 6th September 2008

The workshop sought to investigate and explore the topographical conditions of Venice and produce ‘hydro-ecological’ designs that would intervene with the water landscapes, wildlife and urban condition

b) “Manufactured Spaces for the Moving Image”, Royal College of Art, London,

25th to 29th November 2008

The workshop’s aim was to reconsider architecture as a construction of perception – the importance of time in space as explored through film shaping space from a specific point of view and from a specific moment in time.

c) “Digital Dreamland”, University of Brighton,

5th to 9th January 2009

A five-day workshop that sought to insert architectural form into filmic space. Students were given scenic frames from recent films and manipulated, intensified, altered and revealed a new, additional narrative, one that captured an emotive, atmospheric film-scape

d) “Urban Scenario”, Architectural Association, London,

25th to 30th March 2009

‘Urban Scenario’ was a five-day workshop aimed at designing an architectural narrative in a flooded London. Set along the river Thames, students utilised a number of monumental buildings and deconstructed the city through its watery streets.

e) “Spaces Being Layered Through Time”, Leicester School of Architecture, Leicester,

15th – 19th February 2010

A weeklong workshop to re-examine the implications of previously completed work to further communicate and animate existing drawings through film.

f) “Layers and Lair in Edinburgh”, Leicester School of Architecture, Leicester,

4th – 7th March 2010

A skills workshop set to introduce new software to examine digital space and in the physical context of historic Edinburgh. The work attempted to form atmospheric, crafted spaces via digital means with which they could continue the project till end of term

The role of the workshop, or design charrette is fundamental to architectural education. Horhizon actively seeks to gives students additional means to individually express their ideas. These workshops are intended to be inclusive, drawing from a full range of architectural knowledge and backgrounds to produce a richness of architectural expressions. The introduction of new modes of making and ideas augments a students education. It gives them a multitude of means to approach design issues and gives them the skills to explore design, not to be hindered by ideas but to give them the ability to express them either on paper, through film or through the construction of physical models; workshops have the ability to inject new ideas and see renewed potentials in a studio project.

image in news feed by Richard Bailey & Christopher Christophi / arch & film workshop at De Montfort University, Feb 2010