TERFACES v2.0 AADip1 Workshop

In less than a week, starting from the 15th of October, Denis will be teaching an intensive workshop on physical computing in Tobias’ Dip1 Unit at the Architectural Association.


Using the ever-growing flow of immaterial information, sets of data, network impulses, SMS, phone calls, e-mails, and online profiles, this intensive workshop aims to develop responsive prototypical interfaces.

Participants will learn the basics of physical computing, complementary principles of sensing and actuating, and their integration into design processes. Sensors and wireless networks will be used to capture information while existing or custom-made software will be used to map, visualise and utilise data.

The resulting interfaces will interpret the data and aim to physically materialise it, either by self-actuation, or by custom additive manufacturing. The output will be subject to re-scan in order to study and implement full feedback loops.

More info to come soon . . .