ohsiung Ferry Terminal

Author: Tobias Klein, Anneli Giencke and Denis Vlieghe
with Eleanor Dodman and Graham K.Smith


With the merging of Kaohsiung into a metropolis, the design of the terminal creates a first landmark for the new Taiwan. At the core, the concept of the proposal is to create a gate, a meeting ground between the international and national tourism and the city of Kaohsiung. Through the inclusion of an open, public marketplace the entry creates a city within the building. The ferry terminal is becoming a destination for the inhabitants of Kaohsiung, and most importantly, an iconic first taste of the city for those arriving by boat.

The dynamic form and organization of the projects ensures that the activities of the terminal can be carried out efficiently, while at the same time integrating public facilities, leisure programs and commercial spaces. The project offers for both local and international visitors spectacular vistas with the roof garden and a vast open ground space for public activity. The densely organized functional programs is choreographed around urban areas that are part of the building itself; the roof garden is a park, the arrival hall a market square, the roof-scape is a concert venue and a cultural hub.

On arrival visitors are offered an extensive selection of retail with the marketplace as well as the possibility to walk through the roof-scape and experience Kaohsiung’s skyline and waterfront. The perforated ceiling will enhance visitors experience as light projects through the, as well as making the large building seem light and airy. The project possesses a complexity in the arrangement of programs whilst maintaining fluid open spaces for pedestrian circulation. The ferry terminal would become a dynamic hub for commerce and tourism for the city as well as an iconic face of Taiwan’s economic success.