wer Trestles Competition “Meandering Jetty”

Author: Tobias Klein, Dietmar Koering with Paul Giencke

with Eleanor Dodman and Graham K. Smith


The scheme’s main concept is to integrate a soft and malleable approach towards viewpoints, journeys and scenic beauty. As well as an intelligent and environmentally responsible approach towards the natural complexity of the surroundings. The ‘meandering jetty’ is composed out of a gentle pathway system that imitates the multiple root system of a rhizome. This allows one to slowly stroll through the natural reserve on one of the many pathways or to go directly from the entry point to the beach. The pathway is framed by two buildings that host the main functions and give shelter as well as educate about the history and natural resources. Both buildings are sustainably built out of timber shingles that can be individually replaced. Furthermore in the forecast of a storm flood the ‘beach building’ can be entirely dismantled and stored within the upper pavilion. At the core of this project we believe in the integration of architecture within nature and accept nature’s geological, biological and dynamic forces. The proposal works intensively with the natural contours and envisages structures that excitingly choreographs a theatrical descent while barely evading or disrupting the ground and the complexity of the flora and fauna.