nuscript’s Library

Printed Aedicule

Library for the Museum of Ancient Manuscipts, Tivoli

Located in the ancient town of Tiber (now Tivoli) the Library for the Museum on Manuscripts was conceived as a disparate annex from the Villa d’Este – the location of the Museum of Ancient Manuscripts. The villa and surrounding gardens are a UNESCO Heritage site set within the constricted urban setting. It was determined that the library would be better suited in a site near the museum but located at a distance that did not effect the historic fabric of the place.

The site is located near Pope Gregory XVI’s Villa Gregoriana and overlooks the Aniene’s falls – cascades that run through the travertine hills and spill out from the cliff sides across from the site.

The Library is located adjacent to a plaza and bridge (Via Gregoriana) at the entrance of the old town. This location offered a more public vantage point as the library integrates into the historic context using the remnants of Villa of Manlio Vopisco the library weaves through the historic and geological layers of the place from Tivoli to Tibur.

Project completed at the Bartlett School of Architecture under the tutelage of Dr. Marcos Cruz and Dr. Marjan Colletti