3 Lecture series 2011


the third lecture series at LSBU curated by Tobias Klein and Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui

Always Thursday
Lecture Theatre L17, London Road Building, 120-125 London Road SE1 6IN
For enquiries, please email info@lsbu-openseries.com

The third OS lecture in the School of Architecture at London South Bank University series seeks to bring together a diversity of individuals, discourses and practices that explore the limits and boundaries of both their practice and their practices as a designer whilst proposing new paradigms for the future.

The individuals contributing to this series have all contributed to expand and stretch traditional definitions of their subject. The term ‘Maverick’ is not to be understood merely as an individual who does not conform but as a powerful agent for change and transformation.

The form of the lectures will invite a presentation and debate to discuss:
• The content and form of practice(s)’
• Context and politics of practice (central and/or peripheral)
• Discipline bondage and the Interdisciplinary
• New Paradigms for the future

The School of Architecture has its roots in Brixton School of Building and has strong tradition of independent minded students, staff and alumni such as Ron Heron who are not afraid to question the status quo. The spirit of the maverick is alive and kicking south of the river. In his preface to the first OS1 lecture series and publication Sir Peter Cook wrote, ‘As we say on Guy Fawkes night, light the torch paper and stand clear!’. OS3 will continue to provike debate and discussion.

Thursday 17th of February

Quay 2C Architects – Ken Taylor

Thursday 24th of February


Thursday 03rd of March

Tomorrowsthoughtstoday / Liam Young

Thursday 10th of March

serie architects / Christopher CM Lee

Thursday 17th of March


Thursday 24th of March


Thursday 31st of March

Carlos Villanueva Brandt     (TBC)

Thursday 05th of May

Heatherwick Studio