a]laste & Elaste

Once there was a kid, named ”Palace of the Republic”; raised in the lap of his mother. But the dweller could not outspace from the historical mother; bombed and decoded to new life. To resurrect the mother to the physical world they had to get rid of the child. Why do they fear the new, why do the reanimate dead objects?

To aim the shine of a bygone era through the rebuilding of a lost sculpture. The whole dispute a farce, the creating of a zombie; the virtual flesh as Plaste and Elaste, which will remain in our polymeric world. The palace of the future, virtual-real, physical a cloud, an idea- optical cancer in the heart of the urban context.

Recycling, from the leftovers of the eastern republic, at the same time building material of the future, compared to a dead bone; the flesh once so alive eaten by the nightingale; what remained are the roots to the earth, that what we call „homeland“.

Like Punk, no behaviour in context to existing treasures of historical urban buildings; shining and luminating white, also the structure itself as shadow caster over the guildhall of Berlin, because what always will remain: The Palace of the Republic, a shadow in our mind. Even as detrital building, it will be always there. We can bend, manipulate or change history, but never delete it.