etic Landscape 如詩,如畫

Author:  Justin C.K. Lau in collaboration with Jimmy Hung and Mark Ng


Globalization creates standardized and indistinguishable cities. Globalization also diminishes cultural and historical values which we must protect for our future generations. The vision is aimed to transform the 2km2 of Jiangnan, a rich plain topography with long established history and heritage into a dynamic mixed use development. It would not only generate a welcoming destination for live, work, learn and play, but also to create a place with a strong sense of cultural and architectural identity, which will embrace the misty beauty of Qing Pu.

Concept – Chinese watercolour landscape painting

We see the master plan of Qing Pu as a traditional Chinese landscape painting where water, mist, clouds and mountains merge to become a beautiful depiction of China’s nature. The form of expression abstracts nature to create a sense of peace and harmony. The proposal is conceived as an integrated design consisting of a well balanced mix of commercial, retail, residential, education, leisure and cultural venues to form a highly sustainable and ecological urban space. Our vision is to create a truly harmonized area where live work learn and play would blend into each other just as the mountains, the clouds, the forest and the water would merge on a Chinese watercolor painting. The existing master-plan zonings are characterized by the nature into four primary elements.

Mountain: work

Bamboo: live

Cloud/River: learn,play

The Master-plan incorporates with the current master plan which is divided by a major highway with a strong east-west axis. We proposed one minor change by relocating small portion of residential units as low rise town houses along the river-front as a continuous ribbon to blend in with luscious landscape. The reason is to preserve its local character where some existing low rise houses with merit should be considered to be retained as heritage. Shards of shear rocks, the commercial premises of the site sits on the southern side stoically upon flowing banks of rivers, lush vegetation and ponds form the backdrop to compliment the rivers of Qing Pu. Mid-rise residential towers scatter in and out of the Clouds, where cultural and entertainment activities take place. Designated retail opportunities (e.g. tea houses, fish market, souvenir shops, art galleries, restaurants) are travel destinations along the river front, linked by water buses, cycle paths and pedestrian walkways which form a romantic promenade. This encourages a pollution free leisure route that leads to a large public piazza, surrounded by civic activities such as indoor and outdoor galleries, amphitheatre and a public library which is shared with the educational facilities. It creates a destination for the people to meet and allow tourists to orientate themselves along the region.Various open spaces are located on the southern and northern part of the master-plan to encourage social interactions and to promote outdoor recreational activities. Educational facilities and sports grounds are located at the quiet corner on the West. A designated running path threads through the sports grounds, cultural zone and residential areas  to create an exercising path that promotes a healthy lifestyle. Other functional areas on the site are tied together by meandering routes which encourages pedestrian and cycle access.

  • Compliment the water front view of the region with a backdrop of artificial mountains
  • Take full consideration of the site’s cultural background and its historical context
  • Develop a urban space topology and featured urban identity whilst connecting with neighboring sites
  • Create a unique landscape to reflect the culture of Qing Pu
  • To interact the greens, water and ecology with urban activities
  • To make use of water for transport and cooling
我們主要的目標是將全長二平方公里 擁有豐富平坦地形 長久歷史及古蹟的南江 轉變為有活力的多元性開發 這將不只開創一個歡迎生活工作學習遊玩的地點 也製造了一個擁有豐富文化及建築特性的地方這將環繞有著朦朧之美的青浦。
靈感 -中國山水水墨畫
我們將青浦的土地規劃視為一幅中國山水水墨畫:水, 霧, 雲, 山 – 交會描敘了中國自然的美 , 表達的手法萃取了大自然而創造了感官的平和與和諧。此提案的構想為將一個擁有商業, 賣場 ,住宅, 教育, 娛樂以及文化場地的多元化開發均衡的合而為一 並將形成一個永續性及生態性的都市空間。我們的洞察力是創造一個真正和諧的地區 在這地區 活, 工作, 學習以及娛樂可以融合在一起, 就如同中國水墨畫的山, 雲, 林, 水一樣。現存的土地規劃分區 將以大自然以及四基本元素描繪其特性
雲/河:學習, 娛樂
我們的基地A提案納入了現存之土地規劃 – 土地被有著東西主軸的主要高速道路分隔為兩邊。我們提議一個小的改變, 重新放置少部份的低層樓住宅區於河邊, 並將此住宅區如緞帶般的延伸融入於豐富的風景, 理由是保存當地的特性。一些現存的有價值的低樓層住宅應當要被保留為古蹟。商業的出產地位於基地的南方, 恬淡寡慾的流動著河流的堤岸, 灌溉了蔬菜及水池, 形成了向青浦 致意的背景, 中間樓層住宅塔樓分散的穿入 穿出雲霄 – 這裡也是文化及娛樂所在地。選定的賣場可能性(如茶莊, 魚市場, 紀念品商店, 藝廊, 餐廳)都是坐落於河邊的旅行地點,被水工車, 腳踏車, 行走道 以及人行道所連結成一條浪漫的堤岸。 這促進了無污染的娛樂路程 並帶領我們進入一個公共大廣場, 被市民活動所圍繞。室內及室外的藝廊, 露天劇場, 公共圖書館 擁有教育功能, 這創造了一個讓大家聚集見面的場所, 並且能讓遊客輕而易舉的在當地找到方向。許多不同的開放空間位於土地規劃的南邊以及北邊, 這是為了促進社會的交流, 以及推廣戶外消遣娛樂。娛樂功能以及運動場地位於西邊安靜的角落。一條選定的跑步道路穿梭於運動場地, 文化地區以及住宅區, 創造一條運動通路進而推廣健康的生活形態。其他機能在基地裡緊緊的連結在一起, 形成一條曲折的通路, 促進行人以及腳踏車的進出。