f-urb Ref-ind

All Saints Road Project

The project seeks to refurbish and re-establish urban communities by refining and re-finding industrial processes.

Like many mid-sized cities across the western European and North America, with the loss of manufacturing these cities have fallen into economic decline. Leicester is but one of the many examples of cities in the United Kingdom that has increasingly suffered from the loss of industry and the inability to attract service industries due to its close proximity to larger centres such as London, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool.

This project seeks to re-establish a small-scale local industry, one around which a community can be built with a common purpose. The increased use of mixed-use development rarely deviates from a commercial / retail or leisure / high-end residential typology. This project seeks to establish a new more inclusive urban construct. This community attempts to be more vertically integrated, connecting an industrial workplace, with housing and daily retail requirements. This however does not intend to be an isolated commune but through its industry connect to both the wider city and region beyond while it attempts to deliver its immediate requirements close to home.