ndering Speculation symposium – Architectural Association London

Friday 7 May 2010
1pm -6pm – AA LECTURE HALL
Architectural Association

A symposium coordinated by Tobias Klein (AA First Year/Horhizon) and Ricardo de Ostos (AA Inter 3/NaJa-DeOstos)

Rendering Speculations is a day-long AA event in which seven invited guests, from a variety of different fields including architecture, conceptual art, video gaming and interface design, will discuss the topic of speculative visualisation and virtual design. Highlighting a variety of disciplines and approaches, the event seeks to locate architecture as a magnifying lens through which digital visions and speculations are imagined.

Navigating through CG film sets, a digital life painting performance, augmented reality strategies, narrative scenarios, experimental drawings and political projects, the concept of speculation will be discussed as an inventive design methodology. In an age where borders between physical and virtual environments are constantly shifting, the symposium looks to stimulate a debate on how architecture can explore emerging mediums and assist in the creation of new visions that we imagine, aspire and experience in the years to come.

The event will be streamed live on the AA website at aaschool.ac.uk.

Speakers include:

Marjan Colletti

architect, an architectural educator, researcher, and co-principal of ‘marcosandmarjan design limited he is teaching at the Bartlett UCL the diploma unit 20, who explores digital architecture and representation. He recently guest edited the last  AD issue titled ‘Exuberance’


Nigel Coates

architect and interior and furniture designer and head of the architectural department at the Royal College of Art – His subversive spirit first came to public attention in 1984 with the publication of NATO (Narrative Architecture Today) magazine – a manifesto for a socio-culturally engaged and popular, narrative driven architecture.


Ziah Fogel

American computer animation technical director who worked for Pixar Animation Studios and is currently working at Double Negative Visual Effects.

Zaha Hadid

Founder or seminal architectural office Zaha Hadid Architects


Andrew Jones

World famous digital painter and ‘techno-mystic visual pioneer of digital art’


Lebbeus Woods

American architect and educator whose work envisions experimental constructs and the question of the individual in society


The event will be streamed live on the AA website at aaschool.ac.uk.

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