BA Award

Michelle Evans tutored by Kenny Kenugasa-Tsui and Justin C.K. Lau from Oxford Brookes University has been selected as the winner of RIBA Leslie Jones Memorial Prize. 
For more information: www.horhizonunite.blogspot.com  
Project description:
Circulatory Architecture- The ritualistic veins of a winery

Sited in Paris, the project attempts to investigate cross programming of the wine making process with the visitor routes, a winery allows visitors to celebrate and indulge in the art of winemaking through all the different stages. The ritualistic circulation system blurs the boundaries between public and private, ascend and descend, external and internal, sin and sacrament. The roof is integrated with transparent pipes (the veins of the architectural body), servicing and pumping crushed grape juice from the core (interception heart) to various levels of the topographical building. The building makes use of the natural slope of the landscape through a gravity flow system within the winery to minimise energy use and the need for hydraulic systems.