BA President’s Medals Student Awards 2009-01

biometamorphic architecture: organ transplantation clinic and laboratory

Studio Lau Kinugasa Tsui from Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture de Paris

Jaenes Bong and Jonthan Alotto’s final year diploma project “Biometamorphic Architecture: Organ Transplantation Clinic & Laboratory” was nominated by Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture for the RIBA President’sSilver Medal, and has recently been shortlisted as finalists.
Tutor’s statement
Jaenes and Jonathan’s project serves as an important metaphor for the hybridized cultural and topographical qualities of Hong Kong, represented through a set of beautifully narrated digital poetic drawings and models.Their early studies and final design proposal formed a tremendous body of work that consists of intense process drawings, controversially explored the actual and virtual conditions of the mysterious narrative landscapes in terms of complex systems: east and west cultural roots, natural and artificial tectonics, public and dangerously private circulations, the true and the disguised identities, stolen and not stolen kidneys storages…Legal but perceived with disbelief, the controversial design lies within an intertextual representation methodology that nonetheless serves as the righteous and powerful spatial tool for one to experience Jaenes and Jonathan’s designs- through fragmented explorations into the most mysterious but sublime spatial conditions of life and death.
Justin C.K. Lau
Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui

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