atial Crusades

Spatial Crusades

The Spatial Crusades map is a formal vignette to further the aspirations of the Paper Trail Atlas. The map is the imposition of the first six crusades from Western Europe to Jerusalem. It is the intention of these projects to continue as a formal research project to develop a means of encapsulating space and regaining the didactic meaning that Victor Hugo describes as being lost in his statement “Ceci tuera cela” – the death of architecture occurring at the invention of the printing press as architecture became redundant to the written word in relaying ecclesiastical narrative.

Whilst the project was a formal illustration it continues the narrative work of the Printed Aedicules project, the connection of the digital with history and the interest of didactic / narrative form. The form imposes three maps into the atlas, firstly that of the crusades, leading to a historic plan of Jerusalem and the initial beginnings of a viewing cone, a plane lifted from the map to hide and reveal part of its content.

The Spatial Crusades project is exhibited in the 2010 Royal Academy Summer Show in London.