e Technobody

With Charles Babbage’s unrealized Difference Machine, conceived in 1822, mankind stepped in to a new era of philosophical thought. The Difference Machine is widely regarded as the first computer. Since the invention of the computer chip and its development mankind finally succeeded in opening the gates of hell. They created a new era where technological innovations appear at an ever increasing pace. The future of the human body begins to be questioned. The human need of passing genotypes into future systems has been bound up in a world of electronic circuitry. The human body has become virtually extended; the body is displaced in its environment. Authenticity is no longer grounded on its individuality, but rather more ‘in the multiplicity of remote agents’ that it hosts. It falls into a dimension based on human errors. It is analogous to hell, committing to the lost body, an orgy of torture, rape and depravity. There is no need anymore for human senses. Compared to industrialisation there is an analogous result: the alienation of the human body. The Techno-body is degrading mankind to the status of an object; mankind is becoming fragmented. Through its data reducement, its decomposition and re-composition in a constantly fleeting space each time the body alters its location.

The technobody deals with the de-humanization through our extended phenotypes. The techno body commits to the idea that it’s just a site for the mind. It is crucial to learn how to survive this disjuncture of reality and fictional space. The term ‘Technobody’ is just an idea; a state of intelligent thinking.