rtual Sunset

Virtual Sunset

studio tobias klein

By 2015, the world’s IP networks will be transferring 7.3 petabytes of data every five minutes (the equivalent of every movie, ever made, every 300 seconds).  Even now in 2012 we are living in a world where Facebook, with over 800 million users creates a virtual reality and other than an economic factor becomes a catalyst and platform for an endless stream of personalised moments and shared images. Sunrise and sunset on the planet are the basis of all our time association in the real world and the basis for our patterns of life. We have begun to disassociate ourself from the universal sublime – to ourself, our self-constructed universe – the virtual world of Avatars and profiles, emails and tweets? Virtual Sunset is a globally connected live installation, exploring the ephemeral notion of the sunset as an everlasting continuous global event and its equivalent in our daily expanding networked environment. Set between the website www.virtual-sunset.net and the actuality of a 6 hour window at the V&A Friday late on the 29th of June 2012, the installation created a first choreographed synchronized virtual sunset by projecting globally collected and shared photos of all our private sunsets, creating a time based and precise mirage of the real,into a virtual sunset. The installation successfully recreated the sublime qualities of the fleeting sunset and its lighting conditions within the V&A and reached a point of synchronicity within the installation and the real sunset of London at 9:21 PM. The installation comprises out of readily & easily available industrial materials, ready to be assembled at any given point on the planet, consists of ca. 1.5 km standard soft tubes, 15 mm in diameter, a scaffold, some cable ties and 2 projectors live connected to the website www.virtual-sunset.net. The tubes are hung in a point mirrored pattern, creating a void in the middle of the installation at the centre point of the two projected shared sunsets.

Thanks to all the helpers and the team at the V&A: Anneli Giencke, Denis Vlieghe, Dietmar Koering, Oliviu Lugojan Ghenciu, Teresa Stillebacher, Christopher Johnson, Alvaro Pulpeiro, Andrew Hum, Basil Agyropoulos, Gustav Toftgard, Tobias Schlorhaufer, Matthew Hanrahan, Alexey Marfin, Kin Ho, Tobias Jewson, Hyunwoo Chung, Sho Ito, Yuko Odaira, Kevin Primat, Kwang-Ho Chung, Harijs Alsins, Arturs Alsins, Christopher Bates (film), Miyukii Yamanaka (photography) Ruth Lie (V&A) and Cassie Davies-Strodder (V&A) and all friends of Studio Tobias Klein who have in the past and continue to upload and share their private sunsets.

Virtual Sunset was part of June’s Friday Late at the V&A Museum in London 2012 and marks the start of a 3 year design exploration into the ephemeral construction of network time on the basis of globally shared events such as the sunset. A second installation will be shown in Washington later in 2012. Via a website, the installation is live connected and visitors are able to upload memories and moments of past sunsets. The programmed intelligence of the website than categorizes all the uploaded photos and their added geolocation and displays them in synchronistic to the current realtime sun path. This projects a virtual sunset into the real time continuum of the sun path on earth.

Please help us to create the most intense globally created sunset by logging on to www.virtual-sunset.net.  Thanks!